We have found Live Stream events has extended the reach of a companies marketing, given the ability to connect to a large audience in a cost effective way, while enabling real time interaction and feedback.

We have seen family being able to be part of  celebrating a life or being able to tune in and watch a grandchild graduate from the other side of the world. Even being there virtually can bring connection, interaction, education and response.


. On site - hybrid or streaming events

. YouTube, Facebook, Audio Workshop's streaming website.

. Monetize your live stream event with the ability to sell tickets

. Audio Workshop's Studio with green screen capabilities.

. Full Production - small to large we have the team, equipment and proven track record.

. Video production and recording.

Why Audio Workshop?


Its no secrete we are audio engineers but with out great audio a streamed event can be frustrating or near pointless. We have invested hours and hours in making sure we can translate what's happening on stage to a live stream audience. We have also invested in the best equipment to make sure we capture every moment.


We have a range of video equipment to suit different event styles and budgets. We have Sony Cinematic Camera's, PTZ optics PTZ cameras and controllers. Vmix and OBS platforms with custom built PC computers with Black Magic capture. We have passionate experienced Video technicians and some great Camera operators.


We are passionate about what we do and the service we offer. We want your event to be simple and easy while delivering a high standard of product.

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