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Delivering Better Experiences with Exellence
Audio Workshop install, Old St Pauls Wellington, JBL Control 28-1

Our Story

Audio Workshops story starts in 2015. Founder Matt Chapman decided he wanted to take the leap of faith and start a business in an industry that he was skilled and passionate about​.​

Matt had worked as a touring musician and sound engineer and then for two of the top Pro Audio wholesale companies as a regional sales manager, system designer and technical support person. ​

Matt has represented some of the best brands in the world including JBL, Crown, AKG, Soundcraft, BSS audio, DBX, Lexicon, Shure and QSC. 

It was from this foundation that Audio Workshop grew into a professional company delivering Sound systems and AVC systems across New Zealand.

2017 Saw the launch of Audio Workshop Productions a production and rental arm to provide world class equipment and services for the event industry.

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Better Experiences

Our Mission Statement revolves around delivering better experiences ! whether that's dealing with our company, the sound and visual experience for you and your clients or staff.  Lastly how you interact with the technology.

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